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Case Studies

Experience dealing with various charges and making sure my clients are happy.

Case Study #1

The Charges: Theft, Identity Theft, Forgery

The Verdict: Not Guilty all charges

In 2014, my female client, who was the granddaughter of the named victim, was accused of stealing money from her elderly grandmother, who named her as the sole beneficiary in her will.  The grandmother had not left any of her assets to her estranged sister, who is the person who reported these crimes to the authorities.  After a lengthy and emotionally charged trial, the jury acquitted my client of all charges.

Case Study #2

The Charges: Careless Driving Resulting in Bodily-Injury

The Verdict: All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial

In 2017, my client, a 52-year old man, was stopped at a red light in his Ford F-150 waiting to turn right.   Before turning, he looked both directions for oncoming traffic or pedestrians approaching.  Seeing none he turned right.  A teenager on a Lime scooter came out of nowhere and rammed into his truck as he made a right hand turn. The young man suffered a broken leg, and my client was charged with Careless Driving Resulting in Bodily Injury.  I successfully obtained a dismissal of all charges against my client.

Case Study #3

The Charges: Disturbing the Peace, Assault, Wrongs to Minors

The Verdict: All Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial

In 2018, my client was getting ready to change his infant son’s diaper when he heard his 8-year old son screaming from the basement.  He went downstairs and observed his wife dragging their 8 year-old son by the arm and yelling at him.  My client, fearing for his son’s safety, tried to calm his wife down by grabbing her arms and forcing her to sit on their bed.  My client was charged with Disturbing the Peace, Assault and Wrongs to Minors.   I successfully obtained a dismissal of all charges prior to trial and this case is now sealed.

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